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Western Heights Christian Church

Western Heights was established in 1964 when First Christian Church of Garland commissioned members to establish
a new Disciples congregation to serve the North Garland area.  In early 2007, the existing members of Western Heights voted to gift the church building to the North Texas Area. That location now serves as the Western Heights Mission Center.  
The Western Heights Mission Center houses the area offices and serves as a mission center for new start congregations and service to the community and non-profit groups.

First Christian Church of Richardson

The beginning of the Christian Church in Richardson, Texas dates back to the year 1874.  The first site was given by Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wheeler.  Around the year 1900, the congregation was reorganized to provide for the use of instrumental music in worship.  This newly-organized group met in the school building and different churches around town for about five years.  There were 19 charter members of the congregation.  In 1906, Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Bowser deeded to the White Rock Christian Church (as it was known in those days) a lot on the corner of Greenville Avenue and Polk Street. A building for worship was constructed, but less than one year later,it was destroyed by a severe storm. A new building was soon built on the same site.  This one-room church was expanded little by little, and an educational building was added in 1952.
 In 1954, the congregation  voted to become the First Christian Church of Richardson
As Richardson continued to grow, it became apparent that a new church was needed on the
west side of the city.
 In 1958, about 40 members were commissioned as the nucleus for the Community Christian Church.
In April of 1958, the First Christian Church accepted a gift of about 3 1/3 acres of land from Mrs. Mary Bowser Thompson, a charter member of the church. Plans were made for a new building on the site at Grove Road and East Main. The old property was sold, and the congregation moved part of their old building to the new site. Sunday services were held in the Richardson Terrace Elementary School until the new building was
completed.  The Fellowship Hall, Children's Building and Adult Building were dedicated in
March of 1960.Architect William E. Benson submitted final plans for the new sanctuary which were approved by the congregation in July, 1972.  The ground-breaking took place November that same year, and the congregation began worshipping in the sanctuary in December 1973.
In January of 1986, the new Christian Life Center was completed.  It includes a largefellowship hall/gym, kitchen, game room, youth wing, and a large office suite.

History of the United Disciples Christian Church

The United Disciples Church began in 2010 with the joining of  First Christian Church of Richardson TX. and Western Heights Christian Church of Garland.