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I believe we are living at a distinct time in history in a special place on this beautiful planet. It is a blessing to be here with the loving, friendly people who worship, participate in activities, and do the work of United Disciples Christian Church.  Younger or older, we eagerly welcome you as part of God’s family! No matter where you have lived or walked in life, we know that God has a path for you. At UDCC, we believe that you can discover your personal pathway to spiritual fulfillment, intellectual challenges, and Christian nurturing of the family values that you hold so dear.  We believe that God has amazing things in store for us and for you! Once you get to know us, you’ll realize that we are ordinary people, growing in and through God’s grace, and trying to raise our children and grandchildren in the most loving environment for Christian growth.  If you are seeking a closer relationship with Jesus or are searching for a church home, come as you are with your uniqueness and similarities to love and be loved by the One who is Love, Jesus the Messiah. You are welcome to visit, become involved, and experience God’s life and love that we celebrate here and now. Together, we can grow in and through God’s grace.

Blessings, Pastor Gerald     

The Reverend Dr. Gerald Demarest